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Voting is one of those things that seems so rote to me. I mean, how can I make a difference out of hundreds, or thousands, or even millions? My vote obviously doesn't count so why should it matter? Especially after George Bush LOST the popular vote and still ended up as president? I was ready to throw in the town with voting all together.

Then a young Senator out of Illinois came on the scene and changed everything. Not just because he was black, but because he caused people for the first time in a while to really consider why they vote. My friend Veronica used to go to Western Nebraska for an agricultural company and while it was clearly decorated as McCain/Pailin land; behind closed doors many occupants admitted to being Obama lovers. They said that to keep up business and appearance they had to appear to love the conservatives, but they thought it was time for a change and knew who they would vote for in the polls.

Now whether they were just saying this to her because she was black is moot. The fact of the matte is what intrigues me the most. Americans aren't really left with too many secrets that aren't of the "terrible" variety. The things we keep to ourselves are usually embarrassing or incriminating or otherwise just plain unsavory. Whether it be that time you peed your pants when you were 21 (but you tell everyone you were 11), your actual whereabouts on the evening on Oct. 22nd, 2008 (that girl doesn't exist and that movie wasn't even showing that night), or that weird smell coming from your basement (whatever happened to that rude paperboy...?) most times our secrets are actually pretty damaging.

So to be able to have a secret that empowers us is a pretty big deal. I know I can go stomping for Fenty all I want, but when I get in that booth I can vote for whomever I want. It's the one little slight deception that won't get me landed in jail and there's something oddly intriguing about that.

Not that that's me, I'm pretty open about my political leanings and basically demand that for tomorrow you vote democrat or NOT AT ALL! That said, you can tell me what you want and then go and do whatever you like. It's your right, and your privilege.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 2nd, get out and VOTE!


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