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My mom is crazy.

So... 2m & my mother calls me informing me that she called the cops because a man broke into her house and put a cat in her closet. Despite the doors being locked and blinds being closed this is the same man that shows movies in her window and sends cats into her house to terrorize her shoes and steal her clothes and she cannot be convinced otherwise. I think this latest development is exacerbated by the fact that she wants to move but we can't do anything about that at least until spring. She suffers from dementia which is known to everyone but her, and these events swell when she begins to feel like she's losing even more control. And since it's Super Bowl Sunday and also 2am there's no one to call but Jesus (and livefacejournalbook evidently). Needless to say it was a very rough night. After a bad cry and a good pray I think I'll be able to sleep until the morning when I can actually deal with this. Until then, prayers and good thoughts, 'kay? Thanks.<3

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