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And Away We GO!

Alright Facebook/ElJayer's/Tweeters, etc. It's time for "WTH Has She Been Smoking?" with Stacey Goodlett!

Okay, so suppose you were in a car accident that put you in the hospital and after surgery you woke up and lived your life. You won the lottery and got married and had babies and basically fulfilled everything you wanted in life. Then, as you are about to pass away you WAKE UP FROM YOUR 10 YEAR COMA!

It turns out that after surgery you slipped into a coma and your ideal life was only in your head. And now none of that has actually happened AND you're ten years older!

Would you

a) be seriously depressed because you could never return to your utopian life, or
b) be satisfied that you lived your life and make the best out of what you had left, or
c) resort to a life of a thrillseeker trying to recreate the coma, or
d) resort to a life of crime because you feel you have nothing to lose?

Should I go see Avatar?

I mean, I really just don't want to, but I'm not immune to the hype people. Yeah, the blue people are majorly aesthetically unpleasing, but give me a good forbidden love story and I'm in. It could be singing pencils and as long as there's some sort of anthropomorphizing force that causes them to fall in love I will be there with bells on!

So what is it that's keeping me from this movie? My innate fear, respect, and awe for alien lifeforms? My fear of my internet nerdiness not only being validated but also encouraged? My strong racially motivated philosophies and expectations for Zoe Seldana's sci-fi acting career? Maybe I really just don't like blue that well, who knows?

I don't know, I'm currently more excited to see Tom Ford's debut feature A Single Man and being that it's a) TOM FORD'S DEBUT! and b) COLIN FIRTH'S ROLE OF A LIFETIME and c) ZOMG JULIANNE MOORE!! and d) SOOOOOOOO GAY! it should be no surprise. So, since a - d basically apply to Avatar in some way, I should be geeked to see it, yes?

I don't know. Nina is threatening me if I don't, so maybe I can convince her to go see it one more time?

What are your thoughts? Did you like the movie? Will I love it?

HELP! Thanks everyone!

raven cowboy hat
Dear Tech savvy people!

I have changed some basic coding on a website, and now said website is sucking balls in IE7. EVERY SINGLE OTHER BROWSER IN THE WORLD it works perfectly, but not IE7. I know in LiveJournal there was some code you could add to your code to make sure it was optimized for IE7, but I can't find it or think of how to integrate it.

Someone, please take a look at this for me and see if you can help me figure out what the crap is going on? This is making me insane! click on the "shop" button.


okay, so I jumped on the bandwagon and finally bought an ipod touch (Wii!). The problem is that without an internet connection it's really just a boom box and I'm out of area most times.

Anyhoo, my phone has unlimited data and I pretty much know I can use my phone as a modem, and wirelessly with bluetooth, but I can't figure out how to use my phone's internet connection with my Touch. And I'm guessing Sprint won't be of much help.

any advice? this posting from my phone is the pits!


Is "addicting" a Word?

I was always taught that "addictive" was the word to use and that the word "addicting" was akin to using "suppably" or "irregardless".

"Ooh, that cheese sauce is so addicting!" seems wrong to me, but "Ooh, that cheese sauce has such an addicting flavor" seems better?

"I am addicted to this cheese sauce! It's so addictive! It's addicting!" GAH!


*This post brought to you by Sticky "Nachos on the Brain" Keys*

Haiku Time!

Resurrected (icon pun intended) from darktruth. Very fun.

Also, B needs gift ideas literally from A - Z. 26 gifts so be cheap, but creative. Any ideas, let me know in the comments and I'll pay it forward.

Haiku2 for stickykeys633
someone some boy sing
a song that made you swoon tell
me your moment that
Created by Grahame

I <3 $


Not the show, I mean in real life, and I need some.  What kind of things can I do online to make money?  Craig's list has become of cesspool of so called "jons" (cons disguised as jobs) and my parttime job is kiling me which is sad because it's only 9 hours a week, but it seriously wears me down.  


Who has had some successful online ventures and what were they?  Tell your stories here, or email me.  You want it private (sext messaging, anyone?) I'll screen for ya ;)



I have just discovered internet radio courtesy of my ultimatum to stay off the internet.  No kids, this time on my phone!  For some reason Pandora won't work on my Centro (yet it works on the phone where I just took off the internet... of course), and I thought all was lost until I discovered radioio!


Anyone know of any good phone friendly music stations?  Or maybe some good phone friendly movie downloads?  Hook me up so I don't get fired!

All the American Idol heads!

I need some info!

1. Has that poll that asks who would like to come back always been there?

2. For every season?

3. How exactly did Wild Card work? I know Clay Aiken is the most famous example, but I'd like some particulars.

Don't worry, I'm not going too crazy and delusional. Just seeing the options ;)

ps. If you care about me at all you'll vote for Danny on the AI home page


Auto Screencapture

So I'm trying to make some animated icons and there's a program that automatically makes screencaps from clips, but I can't remember what it is! I have one where you can forward/snap, forward/snap, but it's really tedious.

Any ideas?

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