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1. A black family won the American Idol ltd ed Ford Fusion. And mama was a big girl! This makes me happy.

2. Adam Lambert is wonderful, and I may actually go on the tour just to see him, so you know... YOU WIN AMERICAN IDOL!

3. I'm in DC. I went to a job fair for a job and you know what? Let me tell you about the wonderfully God kissed events that have transpired thus far:

a. I get laid off from PayPal
b. The next day Nina sends me a job listing
c. I say "Wow, this seems like the most perfect thing ever, let me apply", then I apply
d. During this time I am working on a woman's website whose previous developer was not the best in terms of "doing things" or "supplying information" so I became a liaison of sorts, a "Project Coordinator" if you will.
e. I get invited to a job fair to meet with some of the executives of said awesome job company.
f. I see in addition to an Office Coordinator position, they are also hiring for Project Coordinators. Hey! I've done that! And recently too!
g. Whilst in DC I go to a play last minute where I meet the most lovely Elizabeth and Jim who give me their card and tell me to email them. I am excited to have theater buddies in the city and just meet people in general.
h. I am looking at a tourist stand with really unique stuff and ask them if they have a website. They say no, but would like to set one up and would I help them? Umm... yeah!
i. The apartment I'm looking at is GORGEOUS, and available, and affordable, and the guy seems to really like me!
j. Had to couch surf for the weekend and got the coolest chick in the world who knows about all the gnarley underground events in DC and has offered to show me around. Also invited me to church and dinner tomorrow which I'm really excited about so I can finally tithe and thank God for continually showing me His face and what not.

So with all of these events coming forward and together, there's no way I can't get this job, right? I mean, it's just too perfect! It was ordained and meant to be! They said they wanted to talk to me more next week and will be calling or emailing me. Of course I forgot the charger to my phone so I had to make a new message directing callers to my other phone. We'll see how that goes.

Keep praying people, and lighting candles, and throwing good juju my way. I feel like I'm about to begin and that's a really cool and scary feeling.

4. Went and saw CHICAGO the other night and it was really good! It was interesting because in the movie, Thelma pretty much outshined Roxie, but the play was completely reversed. Our Roxie was so vibrant and enigmatic and really played to those of us with the balcony seats.

5. I still love Danger, even though she smashed the homies. Even though DANGER (she) SMASHED THE HOMIES! Oh Tom Green, I hate and loathe you in equal amounts, but sometimes you come through. But still, LEAVE DANGER ALONE/crocker.

6. In the choice between Tea and Mindy? I choose Big John. I'm just sayin' Brett, he's always there for you.

7. I'm kind of getting sick, and I really just need to get out of the house and go to the store, but I've been burning it at both ends and what I really need is rest. We'll see, I may scam some people into running errands for me.

8. Barack Obama is following me on Twitter, so I should probably be more witty. Someone get Tina Fey on the line!

9. I totally got distracted by Adam Lambert "krumping" and putting on his "stank face". Yeah, got dang you American Idol!

10. I started reading the Adam sections of the Amercian Idol recaps. It's strange, because either they are uber edited or a lot has changed. I did notice some random thing about "everyone has an opinion and I'm most interested in people who don't share mine because something something something sith, something something something daaaaarrrrk siiiiide." which was classic J, but otherwise everything seems to have a different tone about it.

I'm okay with that.



doc who aliens do it better
Doc Who Spoilers for Next CycleCollapse )

ps. For those twoppers who have heard about the fight to save twop from itself, go join oncoming_recaps! It's mostly to get Jacob to recap Who again, but it's also to get twop to stop recrapping and weecrapping stupid shows.

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Maybe J Was on to Something...

Now I'm in love with Clay Aiken.

But would I hit that? Hmm...

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Kid Nation
Coming this fall


Hmm, it almost looks heart-warming. I was expecting more anarchy.

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gay hated it
First (gifted to me by the lovely amani87:

And now, a conversation:
(I'm also using this as a platform to complete the 2nd 10 things meme that Truck is making me do. You'll learn ten new things about me, promise! I don't have junk to kick, Truck, stop plannning!)

me: And when you get time,
She's the black Gwyneth* for me.

*(Paltrow that is. I have a thing with Gwenyth where I hate her and everything she stands for, but dangit if I don't enjoy just about everything she's ever put out. Including Chris Martin and Apple.)
Jacob: WHO IS IT?
Just got there.
me: Ha!
watch the rest then report back.
Jacob: the song actually gets okay once they start dancing and she hugs herself
me: Yeah, the harmonies are good, until she gets to the end
but then the dancing starts and it's awesome only because it will be my new workout for the next three weeks
Jacob: love how you literally cannot tell Michelle and Kelly from the thousand background dancers
me: and Solange!
Jacob: If I tried to do the drop down dance I would literally kill myself.
I have been trying since Cycle 3.
me: You have to stretch
And preferrably have someone to catch you
me: Hee!
Jacob: Every song, Beyonce! DO IT!
me: I'm being told Beyonce did a cover of Kissing You, and she added lyrics!
Jacob: What the fuck is this song about?
me: Ha!
Jacob: I didn't make sense when it started but it just lost it all.
me: It's about her gettin' bodied Jacob, derr
Jacob: touch your heel touch your toe
Whatever girl, do it.
me: I know, right? Gettin' it!
Jacob: Once she started touching her heel I was like, "This is so good."
me: When she was in Lincoln she stil couldn't dance
so she was all over the place, but I'm happy to see she's getting it together

: She is so weird, Stacey.
Like how she's like, "That was fucked up, right? Like you didn't think I would get that weird?"
me: She's a pageant girl without the pageant
Jacob: Her songs are just like somebody dared her to try it now.
"What if in this part you just said body parts for a while?"
"I like how you're saying "tick tick" but could you say it one hundred times in the middle of the song?"
me: She's trying to rebel, but she can't because he dad knows that ish sells
So she dates JayZ
Jacob: That is so true, I agree with that.
me: Exactly, her songs used to be "Because" songs
Like Wayne Brady on Whose Line
Except this was already down on page
"Because I love you you know that I love you because it is in me to love"
Jacob: hahaha
me: Just real juvie type stuff

Jacob: what is it to get bodied?
Do people know what this means?
Will it be revealed later?
me: It's the same as choppin' it up
or rollin in the vip w/Ryan
Jacob: Sounds good to me.
me: You just watched her get bodied
Jacob: I thought that was what that was...
me: gettin bodied is not about the definition, but about the experience
Jacob: But I didn't want to assume.
me: Can you see the wind?
You can't see the wind, but you can see the effects of the wind
Jacob: Haha
There were parts where that looked like the actual truth.
BEyonce like a tree in the wind.
Okay, how about she named her album after a toilet. Why.
me: Actually the funny thing about that?
I have a friend named Audra Day*
Because her grandmother is country
so when someone told me I was like, Oh, that's... sweet
but then I saw it and thought, oh, toilet
and it wasn't even spelled right
but it should give you a nice glimpse of the inside of my mind
Jacob: It's pretty, though.

*(Basically they wanted to name her Audra, but Granny complained that it was too white, so to compromise they called the day on which she was born Audra Day (instead of, you know... Tuesday). I love my people.)
me: I'm listening to the Beyonce cover of Kissing You and I want to punch her
she's doing it again...

And the restCollapse )

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Happy Birthday mostlikely2

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hope you have a HICADOOLA day!

In order to celebrate further I will be uploading a whole bunch of random music that I like or think is funny. This will include tracks by Raven Symone, Jamie Foxx, Polaris, The Monkees, Maxwell, Tank, Jill Scott, Matt Damon, some guy singing a Kelly Clarkson song, and many, many more so stay tuned!

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Smells like white privilege..


Source: Jacob's blog @ KneesUp

So if any of y'all are watching the Apprentice you know that Carey got fired yesterday. Jacob Clifton writes recaps for Television Without Pity and in the latest recaplet said this,

("Trump gives every indication -- between the looks of disgust, stupid cracks, weird Freudian slips, and the tongs -- that he knows damn well he's firing Carey almost entirely for being gay").

Well a reader took offense and wrote a letter stating this:

"I have been a loyal reader of TWoP for several years. I love most of the recaps and read them for many shows I watch and some that I don't. However, today I was bothered when I read the latest recaplet for The Apprentice. In it, Jacob wrote that Trump fired the latest candidate simply because he was gay ("Trump gives every indication -- between the looks of disgust, stupid cracks, weird Freudian slips, and the tongs -- that he knows damn well he's firing Carey almost entirely for being gay").

Now, I had watched the show thinking that the candidates idea (on the show) was possibly one of the worst ideas that has ever appeared on the show. It was awful, hurt his team, and the firing made sense in my mind. Yet, Jacob believes, and posted on a forum which thousands of people read, that Trump made a mistake and made his firing only out of pure bigotry.

Now, I realize that Jacob is gay...he's not hidden that fact in his recaps. I have no problem with that, in fact that angle puts a unique and often humorous twist on his recaps. But, where I'm uncomfortable is when Jacob's vision on the show appears to be compromised because of his own sexuality. I agree with Jacob that a great deal of yesterday's show was garbage and that it was not one of the series' best. But, I don't think that the national audience, if polled, would think that Trump fired the candidate based on his sexuality. I think that most would agree that he was fired on his own (lack of) merit. And the's silly, outlandish, and over the top....that's not gay bashing....that's just reality TV!

It does not appear that Jacob would be able to recap this particular episode objectively. I think that you should consider, for this particular episode, having a substitute recapper. Jacob normally does a great job and I usually laugh out loud at least once while reading his recaps, but in this case, I think his vision is clouded. If his recaplet is any indication, the entertainment goal of TWoP could be at risk if Jacob recaps while feeling as strongly as he does about the outcome of this episode.


Jacob responds with this, and this is really the reason I'm posting, because it has not only to do with gays, but with blacks, and women, and any "minority" who has to sit through this crap every day of their lives:

"Now, far be it from me to express outrage. Deleted unanswered, of course. But ... fuckin' seriously?

I don't know if you watch the show. Frankly, I hope that you don't. But the idea of requesting prior restraint from my boss on the off chance that I'll say something you don't like is ... exactly the problem here.

It's the white, straight, rich man's prerogative to say that sex, gender, race and power don't have a place in the conversation. I get that. I get that when you're on top, those things are only optional, because you come up aces no matter the distinction: you already won, it's not worth talking about. The issue of your heterosexuality, race, money or power doesn't come up, because you're dealing with a jury of your peers.

If you're not straight, white, male and rich, however, you are those things every second of every day. You are gay, black, a woman, poor, voiceless every second of the day, from their perspective. It's not a dialectical argument, it's one which stands on steady and hateful ground. Whether you play by those rules is another question, but you are aware of these power dynamics, because you have no other option.

Everybody reads by their own experience ... but if you deviate from the norm in any way, you exist in both places at once: you have to be yourself, and also hypothesize how the real people are going to see you. It's your job to take that into consideration.

I don't think I've ever been accused of some kind of gay bias before. The umpteen million times I've had to write about this situation, regarding this show alone, I've never had to face that accusation. If you know me, you know it's hardly fair. I think playing into the ACT UP victim of prejudice culture just gives it more power, by reinforcing the idea that you're being victimized. I certainly don't feel like a victim, or an activist: I feel like a person who, because of who and what I am, is forced to confront facts and truths that usually are ignored.

To reduce what I wrote -- and what I will be writing in the future, somehow -- to a simple whine is to demonstrate that you have been simplifying what you're reading all along. It's not like I haven't talked about this stuff before. You ignored what you didn't like or understand then, and you're doing it with the show now. I can't fix that. I can't fix you.

The awesome part is that I don't have to. I'm sorry that the world is painful and confusing for you, but I am overjoyed on your behalf that you'll never have to worry about it."

So basically, what I've been trying to say forever, only more succinct. I know it's a semiathiest whiteboy, but I feel I must say it,


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Precisely How Brilliant is Jacob Clifton?

Now Sticky can tell you.... again.

The Holiday

Have you ever known that a movie was going to suck, but still kind of wanted to see the damage first hand? Then you realized that in order for this to happen you would have to pay money, so not only would you be watching a sucky movie, but you would also be contributing to the box office gross? Don't you wish you had a friend that would go see the movie for you and then review it in the style of Dylan Thomas, Shakespeare, William Carlos Williams, or even Nirvana?

Look No Further

Though I don't possess the stomach to actually watch The Holiday, nor the innate knowledge of such literary greats to be inspired to such an undertaking; I do know how to rhyme pretty well, and I did see the theatrical version of Miami Vice.

And so I bring to you my series tentatively titled: Miami Vices

The Foxx

Once upon a Sunday noon, I went into the living room
of my girlfriend Ronnie's house remembering lastly to close the door.
On the stove she tamed the fire, stirring homemade jumbalaya,
While I mixed a sake-tini, her choice of movie I did explore,
"Please hand me the movie, I'd like to explore,
Only this and nothing more."

"Miami Vice?" I proceeded, "Jamie's bravado is not needed.
Unless he's singing or being funny my senses he always seems to bore.
Allow my return to Blockbuster, I'll get something we both can muster!"
My friend's intentions relentless, my cooperation she did implore,
"Girl come on!" she did implore,
"You know Jamie Foxx is my whore!"

And so I sat composition resigned, the living room feeling more confined
"I'll even make you a glass of wine since I know you're feeling sore."
Jamie's acting so very queasy, my skin suddenly ill and greasy,
Acting chops flown out the window, "To phone it in, please dial 4",
“There goes Jamie, dialing four.”
Quoth Veronica, “You know he’s my whore!”

After his girlfriend's insufficiently ridden, he jumps back in, "I'm just kiddin'",
I laugh outloud thinking maybe I’ll give him a chance one more.
And when I am fairly satiated, he starts to look quite constipated,
“He is trying to act dramatic from his insides, his very core!”
“What you know about his core?
Don’t be trying to mack on my whore!”

"Jamie Foxx is so fine! Even when saying those terrible lines
Plus he had to make money after Ray, he knew it was quite the chore.
But girl he had to pay the bills, children’s mouth he has to fill,
He knows I don't like my baby daddies poor!"
My kid’s baby daddy was poor.
I expect much more from my whore.”

Quoth Veronica, "You know he's my whore."

Affirmative in Action

Ooh Wee! See that black man doing his thang and fighting his crime
Playing the man by serving his time

On the outside.

For once. For instance, instead of being incarcerated,
Our hero has investigated the apprehension
Nee acquisition of those who have taken residence below the law

We shall call them

Mexicans. Or Mexican’ts as in Mexicans who can’t keep from livin’
Or rather from givin’ into the stereotype of druggin’
Which is much like thuggin’ instead of less black.

They stay on track, in their cartels whoring out their women who may be forsaken
Unless they are Jamaican, because then who cares?

Oh we keepin’ tally’s there go one, there go another!

1 Mexican’t!
1 Knee Grow
1 JaMakin’ from Queens
1 Agin’

So many majorities the quota has been ignored,
We’ve got blacks, hispanics, asians, and whores!

My look at the regress called progress.
Seems like someone never came in from recess.



There once was a girl from Nebraska
Who when she needed to know she’d ask ya!
The plot so convoluted
Left her awkwardly suited
If you see her today she might grasp ya!

What's Going On?

Ronnie, Ronnie
Girl there are too many people crying.
Remember when this show was on tv?
There weren't this many people dying.

I used to watch back in the day,
but I still don't remember it this way.

Colin, Colin
You're just a little to stern
Where is the fun?
Where's Tubb's ultra perm.

Remember white jackets on top of pastels
Now they act like the world's going to hell!

"Drug policy."
What now?
"Money laundering"
What now?
"Prostitution ring"
What now?
"Is growing."

Ronnie let me ask if I may,
What the hayle did they just say?

What's going on?

Somebody tell me!

What's going on?

No, seriously, I have no freaking clue
What's going on?

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My Big Fat Cabelas Post!

A lot has been happening at Cabelas, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot of BORE. Though, every now and again something fun will happen.


Dopplebaconganger RETURNS!Collapse )

Please stop hitting on meCollapse )

I would like the cami and drawers in Mossy Oak New Break-UpCollapse )

No really, stop hitting on me. How old are you again?Collapse )

What's in a name?Collapse )

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How's Your Romance?

Someday soon, once this thing wears off, I'll ask him about his fascination with murderous teens. Kids who want to kill school, naturally, or otherwise influenced. I never had the need to kill school, I was never bullied and got along well with everyone. It's a mentality that only happens in the movies, or in Colorado, or in places that I'm not. I see this as a good thing, but I wonder what I've been turning a blind eye to.

What causes a person to be alienated for things that they can't change about themselves? Is it simply an issue of intolerance, or is it really them? The funny thing is that the most pressure I've ever had from my peers was at church. There was even a week where they all decided to ignore me (and for good reason, I'd just won a contest and rubbed it in their faces. In my defense, they didn't believe in me, so I saw no reason not to gloat). I tried to return the favor, but I'm really bad at being mean for extended periods of time.

I remember one time that I stuck it out though. I think this time was extended towards The Boy, my beautiful boy. He'd broken my heart for the umpteenth time and I remember how horrid I felt when the kids ignored me so I decided to ignore him. I'm an extremist though, and immensely emotional, so instead of just giving him the cold shoulder I completely denied his existence on the face of the earth. The boy? Who is this boy you speak of? I've never heard of such a thing. It got to the point that even when he stood fortitudinously before me and dared me to deny him, I looked into his chest as though it were pure glass and whistled and hummed as if I were completely alone.

"You really don't see him? He's standing like right in front of you!" Who is? Whatever do you mean?

"Stacey! He's right there!" A random girl grabbed my hand and reached it out to touch him, and when contact was made I screamed.

"Oh my goodness girl, you took it to a whole other level." The girl shook her head and walked away while I remained stunned at the invisible wall before me. I kept up the act all week long, Tuesday night Bible study, Thursday rehearsal, Saturday carwash, Sunday morning, and finally Sunday night I was cornered downstairs in the basement.

I was in the supply room under the guise of getting... something, but subconsciously I was waiting. I heard him behind me and I turned around and began walking quickly knowing I would bump into him. He grabbed my arms and forced me to look into his eyes, acknowledging him, making him stronger. I retreated some until my back was against the wall and he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.

I don't remember the context now, but I remember telling my friend that I knew he was a romantic. He didn't directly deny it, but later in some unrelated text he made the statement that he was the most unromantic person he knew. I knew it was for me to see, and I've thought about it a lot, but I still hold that contention to be true. People think of romance as flowers, and candy, and poetry, but those things are byproducts of romance. Romance in and of itself is about quality, about something being so mysterious and beautiful that you come to cherish and adore it for reasons personal to you. When he speaks of grace, and his fear of it, and his love for it, you can feel how it romances him just through the veneration of his depiction. And it was lovely.  I hope the next time I see him I get to meet him. 

After The Boy kissed me he ran his hand down the side of my face enveloping my jaw in his proud hands,

"Am I invisible now?" He asked. I looked up using only my eyes and then raised my head slightly biting him gently on his chin. I ran my tongue over the post adolescent bristle and pulled it back and forth with my teeth before kissing the spot lightly and smiling,


I guess he never was.

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