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Two Minute Entry

Him: So I'm trying to confirm my soc and it's telling me that I'm not me.

Me: Yeah, probably cause your name is John Smith.

Him: It's John Charles Smith.

Me: If there are duplicates, it won't immediately match up. I'm sure there are several John Charles Smith's.

Him: But none like me.

Me: This is true, I'm sure.

Him: I have impeccable credit.

Me: I'm sure you do, your name is still John Smith.

Him: What do I have to do to confirm my SSN?

Me: Change your name to Tawonda?

Him: What? Really?

Me: No, but it would be fun, right? Actually you can just fax us some documentation.

Him: Can you imagine what my mother would say, if I changed my name to Tawonda?

Me: Well I'm sure after meeting Terry, your domestic partner of 13 years, she's already assumed.

Him: Tawonda is a fabulous name.

Me: It is, almost as good as John Smith.

Him: Almost. John Smith is pretty wonderful.

Me: Pocahontas loved it.

Him: Ha! Such a hussy she was! According to the Disney remakes.

Me: I know! You know, if I were able to, I'd email you in the real world.

Him: If you were able to, I'd read it.

Spirits are good, but lack of time is evident. Love y'all.

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