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You can hate me if you want to, but I'm happy he's off the street.  I'd hate to be in his situation and God knows it's probably the scariest thing ever, but it's necessary when you're crazy and can't sit still long enough to accept help.  Now he'll have no choice, and hopefully it's a good thing. 

I almost felt bad until I heard that not only were there eight different stories surrounding his death, but one of them was "I was playing bouncy with the kid and when he scared me grabbing my head I "dropped" him and there was suddenly a 7" fracture in his skull".  I'm paraphrasing, but got dang it Joey!  If a dead kid can't get you to tell the truth, or at least stop being you long enough to try and help yourself, then I guess you get what you deserve.

I'm ranting, if you're confused check the Joey tag. 

Published Thursday    April 16, 2009

Verdict is guilty in death of 1-year-old

Joleet Poole, 25.
The judge noted the 7-inch-long skull fracture to 1-year-old Davion Winrow. The massive bleeding and swelling to his brain. The retinal hemorrhages.

The eight varying stories his caregiver provided to police as to how those injuries occurred - each version evasive but evolving to involve a little more force on the child.

All of that added up to one conclusion, Douglas County District Judge Mark Ashford said.

Joleet Poole, 25, is guilty of child abuse resulting in death for the head trauma that killed Davion.

"I find beyond a reasonable doubt, in fact beyond any doubt at all, that he is guilty of child abuse resulting in death," Ashford ruled Wednesday.

A tough lesson to learn...Collapse )

Breakable: On Knowing Joleet Poole

black angel
Joleet M PooleCharges Filed In Baby's Death

OMAHA, Neb. -- Omaha police said they've made an arrest in connection with a 1-year-old child's death.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said Davion Winrow's death is under investigation. Police said the boy was taken to the Nebraska Medical Center early Thursday with a critical head injury. He died at the hospital.

Davion was in foster care since he was born.

On Wednesday, Joleet M. Poole, 23, was booked into jail on suspicion of child abuse resulting in death.

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Nina: "I can't believe they were even letting him trying to adopt that baby!"

Me: "Exactly, once you meet Joey for any length of time the first thing you realize is you should never give him anything that's breakable. Your car, your house, your love, your heart, and now evidently a baby.

K.: This is so sad.

Me: I know, but it's expected right? I mean, he's obviously broken, and he's also a narcissist, so he wants everything to look like him. I don't know what happened to cause this, or whether or not it was subconscious or not, but I'm not surprised.

BreakableCollapse )

Sources: WOWT News

Prosecuters wonder why he was able to be considered for adoption

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I want to write. About love of course, as I always do, but any aspect of it would be nice. Problem is that I have content, just no drive.

So help a sistah out! Post a pic that you love, and I'll choose some at random to do a little ficlet about it. I think it would be fun and give me something to do until I find the actual pic I'm looking for.


I just saw the cutest, light-skinned gay man in the world. He was very clean, smelled of cologne (but that beautiful, he left and I smell something, oh my, was that him, that's lovely! cologne), and had on the uniform. A striped polo, tan shorts, dazzling white K-Swiss, and a crisp white baseball cap. His eyes were that beautiful type of hazel that looks like it's just brown, but when the light catches them the right way his eyes look like they were set on fire. He had that typical Gay or Nebraskan? demeanor, but he seemed very confident.

This is the kind of gay man that I love. The one who is just gay because that's who they are. Whether it be the bear, or the twink, or the queen, or the butch, they automatically know their place in the world. When they cry it isn't because they're gay, it has nothing to do with femininity, or so called lack of masculinity, but simply because they are the type of man that cries.

I talk a lot about Joey Poole because he is the complete antithesis of human in general, but gay in particular. His gay wasn't an expression of his sexuality, but rather a mocking of whatever he thought was gay at the time. It's the Jack McFarland syndrome, and while I don't have a problem with the Jack McFarland's in the world, I do recognize the difference between Jack McFarland and Carson Kressley. It's a difference of authenticity and it's so prevalent in the comparison of those two that to argue "Well one is a fictional character!" would be moot. Because yes, and yes.

Now, I understand the importance of imitation. A lot of kids here learned how to be black from watching tv, but there's got to come a time when you take that imitation and make it something wholly unique to yourself. It's fine to be a stereotype, it's how you make friends, but not at the complete loss of the true you.

Just something I was thinking about today.

Dear Sweet God!

Miss Emma Brodie = Joleet Marquette Poole!

And with that kids, I learn a little something about people.

More soon.

Chaos, control, chaos, control, you like, you like?

Okay, back, and to do this quickly, we're going to do it Rules of Attraction Victor style! Get on the bus!

So there was this boy named Joey Poole that I knew because he used to go to our sister churche in Omaha and he was younger than me and so very sweet and adorable so I took a liking to him instantly. He was very charismatic and I loved that he had this strong spiritual fire in him that he would let come out at anytime, like anytime and on anyone. In any church service you could count on him to start shouting as soon as you heard the magic words, "When I think about Jesus and what he's done for me, when I think about Jesus and how he set me free I can DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE all night!" and the organ player would get their foot going over the peddles all "da na dana da na dana" and someone would start with the tambourine and the drummer would cut loose and the bass player would hit that one note in that one chord and there would be Joey Poole flying down the aisle. It was exhilarating watching him jump and turn eyes wide shut head bobbing hands cocked behind his back sounds of praise dripping from his lips in a language that only him and God could understand.

So I endeavored to learn more about this boy, this spiritual enigma, and one day he came to Lincoln and I said, "Hey, I'm Stacey", and he was all, "I know who you are girl, and you know me!" And instantly I did, just like that we knew each other.

Who here watched American Idol last season? You guys remember Anwar? So there's this thing about black men at church, especially southern black church men and it can also be said about Heartland black church men. There's a thin line between gay and straight is what I'm trying to say. My recapper friend insisted that Anwar was gay and he very well may have been, but there was a certain plausible deniability he had in that he was a church boy. There are several boys I know that I always say, "If he weren't saved, he would be gay. Even if the two were not mutually exclusive (which was my mind set then, still is now in some ways, definitely not in others, depends on the day, on the experience, on the mood) he would be not be both because that would never occur to him. Either he loves men sexually, or he loves them spiritually, the two do not mix well, like oil and water." And let me disclaimer that with saying that I'm specifically talking about members of those churches that teach the two are most definitely not connected.

Anwar was one of those boys.

Joey Poole was the poster child for one of those boys.

So I started to observe Joey Poole to see if my assumptions about him were true and for the most part they were, but then something happened (and I'm not withholding, I really don't know what went down) and I didn't see him for two years.

Those two years made the difference and here's where Miss Emma Brodie comes in.

I'm re-re-reading this book (it's awesome, but it's still in progress so no rec's yet, but soon) and there is this character whose sole purpose is to wreak havoc. No past, no present, a very iffy future, clandestine motivations, and a slightly schizophrenic demeanor make this woman a force to be reckoned with. She doles out craziness like ice cream on a freezing day where you really want it, but you shouldn't. She does all of this, but there is an interaction between her and these two characters where she defines their future for them and they accept it.

They should have killed her, but they didn't because they realized what I have absolutely no desire to accept. You can't be mad at crazy, because it cannot help itself. It just is.

Joey Poole came back into my life and like a whirlwind ruined it. Credit, finances, heartbreak, soul questioning, everything that was solid for me became uprooted and everything that was shaky at best went tumbling into the ground becoming this mosaic of chaos in which the only discernible thing was how broken my spirit was. And I hated him. He's the first person I ever truly hated, but what I didn't get is that I wasn't the first person he screwed over and I certainly won't be the last, and that fact alone makes me wish death upon him. Because he's obviously not ready for this world, and this world is not prepared to deal with him. But he won't die, like a frickin' cockroach he comes back at the craziest of times.

Distance lends enchantment which is why I can honestly say that I've forgiven him and will move on. But if I see him again, I wonder how drastically that will change? Because although I know he was nuts, and that his sole purpose for living was to eff up, and royally, I couldn't put together that when he said he needed help, what he was really saying was, "I want to ruin you".

And there's writing between those lines that says, "I want to ruin you because I want to ruin me because I am not worthy of you because I hate me because you hate me because me me me you you you." which would explain everything, but to look at that writing means looking at the world and to look at the world means looking at myself in this world and to look at myself in this world means having to forgive and forget Joey Poole.

And I'm not sure I want to do that just yet.

ps. and please no, "what's the point of staying mad?" comments because my answer will be, "because it is funny." and then I will have to explain myself and I don't want to do that. Not today anyhow.

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