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One Step Closer


Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have indeed broken up! has confirmed the split from several sources close to the former couple.

The split happened in early/mid December and insiders tell us it was Timberlake that did the dumping.

Justin's market value has just gone up - a lot!

Y'all know Britney's ironing her freakum dress AS WE SPEAK!

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Seriously, Merry Holidays.

All I want for Christmas is...

The unedited MP3

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Go Head Be Gone With It... DEVIL!

cOGIC yes Lord!
374K 1:57
(no transcription available)

Bringing Jesus Back

How many of y'all are church kids? We used to do stuff like this all the time.
My favorite is "Pass the Collection Plate" by Forreal and Bustin' Signs (of sin, yeah, that was a tough one).

"Hey Usher?
Do you got some change?
Cause it look like,
All I got is this five!

What you gonna tell them ushers?

Pass the collection plate..."


Goldstreet's famous hit,

"I like the way you worship Him,
no diggety,
I got to raise Him up!

Savior, savior, savior, savior!!!"

You gotta get by, you know?

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Week In Sidebar!

First off,

Studio 60: I find that Studio 60/TWoP/Studio 60 Forums, when taken in sufficient quantities, can bring about all the effects of annoyingness. I stopped caring long ago and it's so not worth it anymore. I'm sorry Chandle, you still have leila82 !

The Nine: I don't care, at all. Seriously, if someone would just tell me what happened during the bank robbery, that's all I would need.

Despite my embargo on Pretty White People w/Problems shows, I really wish I would have started watching Brothers & Sisters. It looks great. And I should show Brenda some love since Billy's show got the axe. If anyone knows where I can get some past eps, I'll probably pick this up.

Effing 30 Rock! And Daybreak! And The Knights of Prosperity! I don't know, we'll see.

Friday Night Lights: What can I say? It was on a Tuesday.

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Oh shut up, I finally gave it away. I'm going to burn another copy, but in the meantime I'll be premiering some other sounds. More reviews coming soon.

ps. If y'all need me to cut another show for spoilers, let me know. So far LOST is definitely on the list. Thanks for the heads up!

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See All I Want You To Do is be My Love


T.I. Rap LyricsCollapse )

I love this song, but what's up with the video? It seems so disjointed, has it been released yet? I hope that's not the final edit, but we'll see. Anyhow, one thing I love about FS/LS is the interludes are basically mini-songs within themselves. The My Love interlude starts after Sexy Ladies before kicking off into the actual song.

I adore both, it's very yin/yang and a mixture of black and white which works (and actually works for the whole album, one day, when you've refriended me, I'll talk more about that).

Anyhow, my favorite part of the rap is when T.I. says,

a. Private, cause I handle mine
t.i. - Call me candle guy, simply because I am on fire

b. I hate to have to cancel my vacation so you can't deny
I'm patient, but I ain't gonna try
You don't come, I ain't gonna die
Hold up, what you mean, you can't go why

I love the flow of part a) and how nicely it ripples off TI's tongue. It's just a very nice rhythm that carries into the next part.

Part b) is awesome because basically he's spittin' all this game like,

"Whatever, I mean, eh yo, this is what I can give you, right? But eh, you don't want this, I ain't gonna care, there are plenty other fish in the sea that want this.


Hee! Too cute, and I think every woman in the world has had some sweetie pie try to act all big and rough and end up like this. Just too cute.

And yes people, I added a "Mr. JT" tag, please leave your taunting in the comments.

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I Love My People...

I was pissed because for some reason TiFaux didn't record effing Celebrity Duets, but as I was watching the MTV Music Vid Awards, I quickly became satiated.

Come along with me won't you?

1.  Justin saunters over to the crowd to get them hyped up for his song.  We see a lone black man unabashedly shoving a camera phone into Justin's face.

2.  Justin notices the intrusive presence of said camera phone and backs up a bit perplexed about what to do.  He knows that the show must go on, but the audacity of said negro seems to throw him off just a bit.

3.  At first Justin tries to ignore the attention by casually dismissing the offender.  But our main man is undeterred.  I believe this is when Justin realizes that this is much more than just a camera phone, it's a VIDEO camera phone!

4.  "Oh no he di'nt!"

5.  "Yes he did girl!"

6.  Finally, Justin admits defeat, strikes a quick post and saunters away to continue to hype the crowd. 

Really, that's all I want to see of the awards, I'm good now, though I'll probably go to Beyonce's performance and some of the rock ones.  But I really don't need to, now do I?

That said, OKGO! is awesome!  I adore them anyway and their performance was great!

Last Mr. JT post, I promise!

Okay, so I put a track by track up on Vox for QotD so check it out.

Also, I have some Vox invites left, tell me your funniest joke and the top few gets them!
"The way they hit her I just stop and stare... stare.. stare...

I think that she knows, I think that she knows..."

Am I the only one completely and absolutely enthralled by the 2nd part of this song? Something about it coming off the hip/hop beat, and then transitioning into a Smashing Pumpkins "Tonight, Tonight" meets R.E.M., brit rock explosion of utter bliss makes me just close my eyes and throw my hands in the air and imagine. It's a spinny song, you imagine the world literally rotating around you, for just those few minutes and this wave of chords and rhythms and progressions. It's very DC Talk Supernatural. It's wavy, and I love it.

This album is hottness.

Track by track is here at my Vox!

Future Love / Test Post

I'm bringing Sexy Post, y'all other b*tches trying to do the most. If I were Canadian I could rhyme this with lost, but I'm not so I'll just make this toast. TAKE IT TO THE BRIDGE!

Bringing Sexy Test Post

Let's see if this thing works!

It didn't, let's see if I can figure out why.

There it goes!

Well gone head and bring it back baby!

cparkerbowles wisely asked what this video was about, and I couldn't tell her really except to say that evidently Justin is trying to bring sexy back, and the girl can't handle that?

What say you?

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