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Have you ever been at that point where so much is going on that you have to just talk about it so you can clear some space in your head? I had a lady call last night and she was flustered because her bill was overdue. She was explaining to me why and it threw me though the largest loop. Evidently her daughter was in the hospital after having been stalked and raped by her ex-boyfriend in front of her daughter. She tried to tell her daughter to leave the room, but the child insisted that she was not going to leave her mother.

This was not the first time as the last time produced a new grandson for the woman, but this time was most painful since they'd gone to such great lengths to hide their daughter from this terrible man.

"The next step they tell us is witness protection, but then I'd never be able to see my daughter or grandchildren again. I don't know what to do!"

And there was a silence. It was odd, because we both knew I didn't have the answer, but we also both knew she wanted me desperately to give her one.

"I'm so sorry all of that has happened to your family. If you don't mind, I'll certainly keep you in my prayers." Then I told her something she could do to waive the monthly payment until they got this issue settled and wished her the best.

"Thank you sweetheart, and listen, take care."

"You too ma'm, please have a peaceful evening."

I'll probably never talk to her again, but it's mystifying the outlets people will create to ease their stress, even a little. At PayPal I hear tales of people on their last legs,

"This business has to be profitable. This is my last chance. My husband was so controlling, and when the kids were out of the house I finally got the courage to leave him and make it on my own. This has to work."

"Your site is lovely, and you've already had so many orders. I'll do my best to make sure your transactions run smoothly."

They ask me all the time for answers I couldn't possibly have, and then they mold the ones I give them into the ones they want. Which is fine. It's just interesting. The things that make us human, the connections that we can forge with strangers on an anonymous 5 minute call. The phone beeps into my ear and as I'm giving my opening spiel I wonder whatenture I'll get. Will there be yelling, cursing, crying, or joy? Will it be easy? Will they hear me and if so will they listen?

My phone scores are through the roof, but my emails suffer a bit. One sided banter was never really my strong point, even here the comments are usually the most interesting. I'll work on that and get better, I know, but until then I'll listen, and I'll research, and I'll only charge per hour what the companies pay me, and I'll be there.

SSM 8am - 9pm, TWRF 2:30p - 11pm.

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My name is.. umm...

I worked 10.5 hours at Cabelas today.

I have tomoorrow off, but it will consist of moving to Omaha, going to see Merrkan Gangstahzz with Jarvis, trying to fit in taking my niece driving, HEROES-A-THON!, and anything else that I missed this week/won't have time for next week.

I'm working on a credit post, because y'all seriously need to know, but here's a quick lesson.

Umm.. if you don't pay your bill for two months, don't be surprised when they shut your card off. Especially when you don't call us and let us know why you haven't paid. Call your credit card companies y'all, get to know them and make them know who you are. Don't think "Oh no, I've already missed my due date, I'm just not going to pay it." Because I'll let you in on a secret.


There is only the date of which your cycle closes, and I've seen it bit way too many people on the butt. That's for later, but first this:

"What's your wife's name?"


"LaShonda? Is she black?"




"Aren't you a little too dark to have a black wife?"

and this:

"Do you ever wish you were a little taller so your fat would distribute more evenly?"

"Yeah, but I'd have to grow like, a foot!"

"Yeah, you'd be 6'7", but your body would be lean!"

And that's it. See y'all later!

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People Are Dumb

Her: You people make me sick! I'm trying to send money, I have a ton of auctions to pay for, why can't I confirm my address?

Me: Well ma'm, I'm not sure just yet, but let's find out and get you fixed up.

Her: Fine! I couldn't log into my account so I changed my password. After that I clicked on the button to confirm my email and I entered in the PayPal email ID at the bottom of the email and it wouldn't work.

Me: Ummm... (Now let me remind you to look at the title, and then remember that I've been training for a month and I've been doing a good job. What this means for you is that I've never heard of this "PPEMAILID" thing she's talking about, and if it were something important I would have.)

Her: Here, I'll do it again.

Me: No, don't do anything yet, give me some time to research the issue and then-

Her: I don't have time for this, I've already clicked the button to send me a new email. It says your new password has been set. I have AOL so I copied and pasted and now... it's asking me to change my password again! I have to change my password?

Me: No ma'm, the email confirmation has nothing to do with your password. When you click on "confirm email" what does it say?

Her: It says I'll get an email, which I got. Then it says if I can't click the link -which I can't cause I'm on AOL- enter the PPEMAILID number and that's what I did.

Me: It says "Enter the PPEMAILID"?

Her: YES! And I did and it won't work.

Me: What was the subject of the email you received?

Her: It says "You have changed your password" and that's the email with the ID and it's making me change my password again! This is ridiculous!

Me: Ma'm, that's not the correct email, please stop changing your password, that isn't necessary. Now I know you said you had an AOL email address. The confirm emails and the password emails come from different addresses. We're going to make sure you have PayPal approved. First, please go to-

Her: No, I don't have time for this, I just changed my email again and I'm entereing in the PPEMAILID and-

Me: Wait, no, please stop changing your password. If you would-

Her: IT WON'T WORK! Why won't it confirm my email?

Me: Ma'm, on the confirm email page, what does it say?

Her: It said to enter in the PPEMAILID.

Me: Can you read it to me? From the beginnning?

Her: "Step 1: You will receive an email from PayPal
Step 2: Click the link in the email" umm, then it says something about if you don't have access to the link click here but then it says-

Me: What does it say about if you don't have access to the email? Can you click that link for me?

Her: I did click the link, that's where it says to enter in the PPEMAILID.

Me: Does it say that exactly? Can you read that page to me?

Her: It just says to enter the PPEMAILID and press submit.

Me: What does it say exactly? Please read it to me.

Her: Enter the code.

Me: That's all it says? I can't see what you're referring to which is why I'm asking.

Her: This is taking too long.

Mer: Ma'am I'm going to try and solve this for you as quickly as possible, please read to me what it says on the page.

Her: It says "Enter in the confirmation code in your email and press submit". I did that and-

Me: Where does it mention the PPEMAILID?

Her: Well it doesn't, but that's the code their talking about.



Me: The PPEMAILID is not the correct code. You should have received an email that said "Confirm your email address". The reason you didn't receive that is because AOL seems to be blocking your emails. If you'd allow me to walk you through the steps to reset it, I'm sure we can get your problem resolved. Now do you see the profile subtab?

Her: I don't have time for this, these people should have been payed by today, I'm sick of this. Look, I'm just going to add a bank account.

Me: Oh no, ma'm please don't do that, it's going to require additional-

Her: Why do I have to wait 3-4 business days to do this?!

Moral of the story: If you think you might possibly at some time want to buy something off of eBay, or might use PayPal, sign up for an account now and confirm it and get verified.

Don't bid on 5 seven day auctions, and then try to frantically send money when you win all of them at the same time. Especially when you know it's going to take a few business days to completely verify and confirm your account. The only time it won't is in currently limited circumstances.

Blog readers: But Sticky? We didn't know it would take that long!

Well you do now people! Buck up, and stop yelling at me!

On the plus side I got two customer compliments and my phone scores are through the roof!

Back to the grindstone, I hope you all are well.

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Life Lesson #568

The best way to avoid a late fee:

Don't be late

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