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Jun. 26th, 2005

It's The Oldest, Establish, Permanent, Floating crap game in Torontosburgh
QAF Recap 506 06-19-05 Page

by StickyKeys Queer As Folk Episode 506 Aired 6-19-05

I asked my friend Jerrod why one would wear tight jeans with a belt to a sex, drugs, and techno club instead of like, sweatpants which provide easier access. He said the jeans make you look good, and the belt helps you identify your pants at the end of the night. Now that’s just common sense is what it is, those gays think of everything.


Y'all see my new icon!?

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Much props to paddies  yo!


On another note.  This is all the online time for me.  I have to devote the rest of the night to my recap, so if you holla! and I don't holla back! then you know why!

QAF Recap Ep 505

xposted in michaelandbrian, _qafdaily , melancholy_rose , qaf_essays, and queerasfolkfans Let’s All Stop Thinking of Ourselves: QAF Recap 505 06-12-05

Michael tells Hunter to cut out the sarcasm and Hunter tells Michael to cut it out with his fucking helpful suggestions. You know in Lost, whenever two of the boys would fight (mostly Jack and Sawyer) Kate would run in and be all, "Hey you guys! Come on!" and suddenly peace was restored? Well Ben tries to "Kate" the situation with an, "okay you two!" but fails. I think it’s because he’s missing three vital things: a pensive stare, a criminal record (for killing a man… he loved), and the ability to annoy just by opening his mouth. Anyway, Michael tells Hunter that he can stay pissed and bitter, or he can forget about it and move on. Well ain’t that the pot calling the kettle a whiny bitch?

EP 504 Recapet, OUT!

Recaplet 503, OUT!

Three Gays and a Little Lady...

MichMeLinds become embroiled in a three way custody battle for Jenny Rebecca. Lindsey didn't trust Melanie to do the right thing, and with the help of Brian got herself a man lawyer! He's creepy, he's cynical, and he's just perfect. For some reason Linds tells him all of her dirt, but then almost doesn't let him use it. She tries her best to look uncomfortable, but we know Linds, and when the claws show it is utterly delightful.

Recap For First Ep is UP!

Barely lit Back Room of Babylon.

Oh back room sex, how have I missed thee?  And look, black people!  It’s like they took two of my favorite things and put them in one place.  Brian’s cell phone rings and, okay back room sex guys, your rage against the cellular phone has been noted, please resume your previously scheduled sucking.


What bothers me about the whole cell phone thing is that wouldn’t Brian’s cell be on vibrate like all the time?  Strange.


Well we see it’s Justin calling and I’m guessing he’s in New Zealand since it’s midnight in Torontosburgh and frickin’ four in the afternoon in “LA”, but there are naked guys so I’m not complaining.  Justin insists he’s eating a bag of Doritos and reading the impeccably pronounced “Brothers Karamazov”; he’s a bit of a liar our Just- DICK SHOT!  Uhh, sorry.  While I won’t be counting sex jokes (because really, who has the time?), I will be counting dick shots because I feel they are not only necessary and integral to the plot, but hott to boot.  So… DS=1.

They cut back to Brian who insists he’s reading “Anna Karenina” and eating Pringles and I guess it is true that once you pop, it is indeed hard to stop.  Justin says it’s their love of Russian literature and snacks high in saturated fat that brought them together, and you know I love QAF, but hiatus makes you forget those little things that used to get on your nerves.  Remember last season when they biked from “Pittsburgh” to Toronto and you knew there’d be déjà vu jokes, and the first few were cute but then it was like, “Dude, we got it BEFORE it was done.  Stop.”  That’s how this scene makes me feel because we know that reading Vladimir Mayakovsky and eating Funyuns isn’t what brought them together.  It was actually Justin’s obsessive obsession and subsequent stalking that brought them together which I can’t knock since I’m doing the same thing right now… I’m just saying.  We. Get. It.  You’re just wasting gas here.  We got the joke and we smiled, but then you took it too far like we never understood the joke at all and now you have to explain it to death and that’s so- DICK SHOT!=2.

Justin is saying something about pre-production being slow and how he has too stay longer, but I admit I’m a little distracted by the two honies bumping uglies in the background.  I guess I’ll have to rewind it again, and again, and again.  It turns out Justin’s going to have to stay 3-4 months longer and Brian is pissed, but of course he doesn’t say so.  In Los Angeles, New Zealand sex is so much hotter than in Torontosburgh, and I’m not even going to recap what Brian says when Justin tells him he misses him because you’ve heard it all before.  Brian is an island, he has no feelings, he never gets hurt because he never falls in love and zzzzzzzzz.  We get it Brian.  DS=3.


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