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And this...

My husband's got personality going for him...

"My most memorable Runza fix was when I delivered my twin girls. I was starved. But it was late and Runza was already closed. The next day my wonderful dusband stopped by Runza on his way to the hospital. Oh, how the fries and hot Runza smelled and tasted so good. All the nurses were stopping by our room asking what we were eating! Runza made my hospital stay more enjoyable. The only thing better than a Runza Sandwich and fries are my beautiful baby girls."
Who bought you that Runza?
My baby daddy!

"...were stopping by our room asking what we were eating! Runza made my hosppital stay more enjoyable. The only thing better than a Runza Sandwich and fries are my beautiful baby girls."

Elkhorn, Ne

Food poisoning is the perfect gift

"Our daughter attends college in Texas. She loves cheese Runzas, but there are none to be found down south. On our drive down to see her for Christmas vacation, we stopped at the last Runza in southern NE and bought her two cheese Runzas. Upon arrival in Texas, we found we had brought her the best Christmas

gift of all: RUNZAS!"

Henderson, Ne

Uphill both ways?

"When I was a little girl, I remember the times my mom would take me to Runza on winter days. She would let me order two Runza Sandwiches and onion rings. We would sit and watch the snow falling ourside. It was magical... and yummy too!!"

Emporia, KS

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While we wait...

Was jonesing for a French Onion Burger and Fries sooo...

" sister showed up just in time with the Runzas! My wedding was perfect."

Heather - Oak Harbor, WA

"I grew up in Nebraska and Runza was a regular mealtime staple. When I moved to Denver to attend college and get married, the thing I missed most was those Runzas. I would talk about them at work and everyone would look at me like I was speaking a foreign language. One day, I talked my husband into driving all the way to Loveland, CO to get me lunch from Runza. After all the hyper I had given Runza, everyone in my office wanted Runzas too. My husband came back with boxes of Runzas and no one was disappointed!"

Christina - Aurora, CO

"I just had my first Runza and... what an experience it was. My wife and her family have eaten Runzas for years so I decided I would see what all the fuss was over. I bought my first Original Runza, took it home and had my first taste. It was love at first bite!!!"

Henry - North Platte, NE

Yes people, there's a precedent indeed.

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I'm Just Sayin' is All...

There's a precedent:

"Thank you for being great at all you do and for helping meet the love of my life... my wife!!!"
-Dan: Columbia, MO

"For my graduation party, I told my mom I didn't want anything else but Runza food served. She told me we were having sandwiches and cake instead. Disappointed I told her again to get Runza Sandwiches, but still no luck. A few days later a buddy and I were getting lunch at Runza when my mother walks in. I ducked so she wouldn't see me. I could hear here placing an order for Mini Runza Sandwiches! I couldn't believe it, how ironic!"
-Carrie: Scottsbluff, NE

"When I moved back here from Kansas City, MO I ate at Runza EVERYDAY for my first six days back. I loved and savored every bite realizing how much I missed Runza."
-Angie: La Vista, NE

"I can't wait to feast upon a couple of Swiss-cheese mushroom Runzas and the best onion rings IN THE WORLD!!! Thanks for a great product!"
-Phil: Huntington Beach, CA

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