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petulante_tuk es una perla de una chica!

Monday, 2006 September 04 (02:03:39)

[02:03] sgoodlett1981: Petu!
[02:03] bcoomontet: hiii
[02:03] bcoomontet: how are u
[02:03] sgoodlett1981: Wonderful! And you?
[02:04] bcoomontet: fine,studing
[02:05] sgoodlett1981: Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I had to write a Spanish puppet show?
[02:05] bcoomontet: no!!!
[02:05] bcoomontet: tell me now:D
[02:06] sgoodlett1981: Okay, there was this psychodrama on ABC called David and Lisa.
[02:06] sgoodlett1981: Do you know what psychodrama is?
[02:06] bcoomontet: mmm not sure
[02:07] sgoodlett1981: Basically, it's psychological drama. Usually dealing with mind games.
[02:07] bcoomontet: but is it a reality?
[02:07] bcoomontet: or.. fiction?
[02:07] sgoodlett1981: No, it's scripted, fiction.
[02:07] bcoomontet: oki
[02:08] sgoodlett1981: It starred Toby Maguire (spiderman) and Brittany Murphy.
[02:08] bcoomontet: oh god i love toby =P~
[02:08] sgoodlett1981: Brttany Murphy was in 8 Mile, Clueless, and something else with Dakota Fanning.
[02:08] sgoodlett1981: Do you have an idea of who she is?
[02:08] bcoomontet: googling her
[02:10] bcoomontet: yes yes I know
[02:10] sgoodlett1981: Good!
[02:10] sgoodlett1981: I tried to paste a link, but meebo is being weird!

[02:11] sgoodlett1981: Okay, so anyhoodle!
[02:11] sgoodlett1981: Basically, Lisa was crazy, like totally nuts.
[02:11] sgoodlett1981: And Tobey was crazy, but didn't quite admit it.
[02:11] sgoodlett1981: How crazy he was.
[02:12] sgoodlett1981: OMG I was wrong! It's not Tobey, it's Lucas Haas!
[02:12] sgoodlett1981: SO FUNNY!
[02:12] sgoodlett1981: Okay, you there?
[02:12] bcoomontet: googling him
[02:12] bcoomontet: yes yes
[02:13] sgoodlett1981: Hee, I think he does more indy movies, but he's done some stuff with Leonardo Dicaprio.
[02:13] sgoodlett1981: And this gay movie with David Arquette called Johns.
[02:13] sgoodlett1981: So not worth it.
[02:13] bcoomontet: no idea xD
[02:14] sgoodlett1981: Yeah, barely anyone knows him over here either!

[02:14] sgoodlett1981: So they form this friendship and my puppet show starts like this:
[02:14] sgoodlett1981: Eso es la historia de David y Lisa. David es un joven hombre quien es su encontra con si mismo.
[02:15] sgoodlett1981: The 2nd sentence is supposed to say "David is a man who is at odds with himself."
[02:15] sgoodlett1981: Does it translate well?
[02:15] bcoomontet: mm not sure what odds means
[02:16] sgoodlett1981: Hmm... who can't deal with himself.
[02:16] sgoodlett1981: He has very little self control.
[02:16] sgoodlett1981: Does that make sense?
[02:16] bcoomontet: yes, could it be "David es un hombre joven que no puede soportarse a sí mismo"
[02:16] bcoomontet: ?
[02:17] sgoodlett1981: Que es soportar? To support?
[02:17] bcoomontet: deal
[02:17] sgoodlett1981: Oh!
[02:17] bcoomontet: stand+
[02:17] sgoodlett1981: Like handle?
[02:17] bcoomontet: yes, something like that
[02:17] sgoodlett1981: Oh!
[02:17] sgoodlett1981: That's awesome!
[02:17] sgoodlett1981: Yes, exactly, that's great.
[02:17] bcoomontet: support = apoyar
[02:18] sgoodlett1981: I'll have to remember that. There was a part about Lisa but I've forgotten it now. But here is the dialog. It's really bad so just bear with me!
[02:18] sgoodlett1981: :O

[02:18] sgoodlett1981: "David, David, mira me. Que ves?"
[02:19] sgoodlett1981: "Yo veo una chica, yo veo una perla de una chica. Yo veo, la luz."
[02:19] sgoodlett1981: It's part of the dialogue of the movie.
[02:19] sgoodlett1981: David, look at me, what do you see?
[02:19] sgoodlett1981: I see a girl, a pearl of a girl, I see the light.
[02:20] bcoomontet: what does "pearl of a girl" mean?
[02:20] bcoomontet: I mean, like a very good girl?
[02:20] bcoomontet: or a girl's pearl?
[02:21] sgoodlett1981: It's an Amercan slang saying. Kind of retro '50s.
[02:21] sgoodlett1981: And yes, basically, a good girl, a real peach.
[02:21] bcoomontet: then you could say "una joya de chica"
[02:21] sgoodlett1981: That's why the translation was so literal, heh.
[02:21] sgoodlett1981: Una joya de chica, nice!
[02:21] sgoodlett1981: That's pretty
[02:21] bcoomontet: yes :D
[02:21] bcoomontet: and mirame it's written together :D
[02:21] sgoodlett1981: Ooh, okay!
[02:22] sgoodlett1981: I'm LEARNING! YAY!
[02:22] sgoodlett1981: I need my Spanglish icon.
[02:22] bcoomontet: :D

[02:22] sgoodlett1981: Okay then here comes the odd part.
[02:22] bcoomontet: ok,ready :D
[02:22] sgoodlett1981: "Ahora David, te ves, que ves?"
[02:23] sgoodlett1981: "Yo veo obscuridad. Yo veo vaciedad. Yo veo muerte."
[02:23] sgoodlett1981: Now David, look at yourself (I know that part is really wrong, but I never found out how to correct it), what do you see.
[02:24] bcoomontet: obscuridad is a very old way to say it, you can say oscuridad,without the b
[02:24] sgoodlett1981: I see darkness. I see emptiness, I see death.
[02:24] sgoodlett1981: Really? That's interesting.
[02:24] bcoomontet: ok, i'd say that this way:
[02:24] bcoomontet: Ahora, David, mírate a tí mismo, ¿qué ves?
[02:24] bcoomontet: Veo oscuridad, veo vacío, veo muerte
[02:25] bcoomontet: so almost perfect!:D
[02:25] sgoodlett1981: Wonderful!
[02:25] sgoodlett1981: Yay!

[02:25] sgoodlett1981: Hey, how do you get the upside down question marks?
[02:25] bcoomontet: my keyboard has those! :D
[02:25] sgoodlett1981: AWESOME!
[02:25] sgoodlett1981: I thought so, I SO need a spanish keyboard.
[02:25] bcoomontet: spanish keyboard is different :D
[02:25] bcoomontet: we have ñ :x
[02:26] sgoodlett1981: You know what you could do for me? Take a pic of your keyboard and either send it to me or post it.
[02:26] sgoodlett1981: I must see!
[02:26] bcoomontet: i will! but my camera is broken ¬¬
[02:26] bcoomontet: I'll do with my father's :D
[02:26] sgoodlett1981: I can't wait!
[02:26] bcoomontet: (my keyboard is SO dirty =))(
[02:27] sgoodlett1981: Hee! Well lady, I have to go, but I'll talk to you very soon!
[02:27] bcoomontet: ok, kisses!
[02:27] sgoodlett1981: Besos!
[02:27] sgoodlett1981: (roll) (was supposed to be kisses!)

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