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It's Been a Long Time...

I shouldn't have left you, but I did and I started a podcast about TeenWolf!

Check us out:

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Okay, so Jasmine and I are rewatching Sex & the City from the beginning and we're on the FINAL episode. Okay, I know the sequel is coming out, but seriously they need to straighten out one piece of business that has irked me for the past 10 years!

The party with her French fans! I mean, there was just SO MUCH WRONGNESS there and her fans had to suffer because Aleksander was a douche. I think they should go back and rerecord the party with her being fabulous in her fabulous dress! I'm just... OOH! We just saw the part where Carrie is walking across the street AND BIG DRIVES BY AND ZOMG! EEEEEEEE!!!

I don't care what y'all say this show is fabulous!

Voice Post

317K 1:38
“Hey, it's your wife general it is midnight official law so I hope is anytime from my made low homo. Staying in that life was awesome I've read some magazine about it. It was definitely a response for the whole crappy thing. And my whole issue about it was you know you got there making white the whole day issue where they try and sit normal lives. Homosexual I didn't say you know this is something normal but these guys you know tripping up other guys and not sharing about it. If they don't care about it why should you care about it. Or was it kind of reduce to like a menstrually(?) gay show where like basically you're laughing at the gay people instead of laughing with them. I prefer to think of it as the former and that it was actually really good but I think half of those because I thought it was the best ever and I found it absolutely hilarious in every way. And I thought it was adorable with 2 cute little guys it was like will you marry me? And he was like oh we're gonna be hilarious for the rest of our lives and I thought that was adorable. Anyhow I have more comprehensive thoughts but I went out drinking tonight and I don't know I was writing them down. I'm so sorry of this disgusting stuff works kind of stuff but it it's got a transition phase so it's getting better. So that's a good thing. But anyhow it must have been bad and sleep like I forgot how stoop and I just freak when I did. So I'll holler at you all sometime later. Peace.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox



SNL with Paul Rudd and Bouncy. Very gay. Intentionally. But did it work?

My thoughts tomorrow.

Summer Heights High!!!

 It's on HBO OnDemand as we SPEAK!  WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT!!!! AHHH!!!

And if you want to jump ahead then check out the links here.

ShowSummer Heights High

Episodes:  Series 1 (Only series so far)

Channel: ABC (Australia)

Genre: Comedy (mockumentary)

Starring: Christopher Lilley 

Warnings: Language

About:  Follow the lives of three Aussie Public School attendees (two students and one teacher all portrayed by Christopher Lilley) over the course of a school term.

Links: Wikipedia
It'd be such "Joy" if they would just leave Cuddy and Wilson "Alone"!

Okay, cliche episode titled one sentence reviews aside, Why so Gloomy, House writers?

If you don"t know, I adore House.Collapse )

I believe in this show though, and each week I'm pleasantly surprised by the stories it offers. I just don't think a little breather before the next tragedy is too much to ask.


On the other hand...

My only problem with Isis is that she's not all that pretty and her grill is pretty jacked. Other than that? Play on playa. The girl can pose her face off, but I don't think she could soften up enough to be a Cover Girl.

Yes, I'm ruled completely by the top three: religion, race, sex. You wanna be a Christian, black, woman? Pass me the collection plate and I'll have a BBQ in your honor.

You wanna go against those things? Well, I may be mad for a while, but I'll come around.

You wanna dismiss those things but then pick and choose which part of them you'd like later on? Well, I'll do like I always do. Write an opinioned entry that alienates half of my flist.

Y'all know you love me.

RE: Desperate Housewives


Someone please to be explaining?

Come on QAF heads, how could you not hook me up!? I'm disappointed in my flist right now.... *smh*


I Caved...

From this morning's email to N:

Subject: Morning N!

Word on the street is some little hottie is literally a scorcher! The temperature will be warm, but it won’t be the sun burning things up!

Keep your eyes to the sky and sunscreen on your nose; peeling is SO unattractive.

You know you love me,


Subject: RE: Morning N!


Subject: RE: RE: Morning N!

PayPal Gossip Girl (PP!gg) loves the lol’s, but not as much as the drama! The most delicious dirt often ends in hilarity. Laugh or cry? Yes, please!


Subject: RE: RE: RE:Morning N!

OMG, you are OUT of control!

I'm SO about the bandwagon and next season is summer in the Hamptons! Eeee!

Who else is about this show? I know leila82 and amani87 are! And I've seen a few of you on the community lists! Holla at me!

More, cause I'm a nerd:

Subject: SPOTTED!

S going to the Summer Kitchen and biting off way more than she could chew. The only meeting this girl is going to impress at is the one between her finger and the back of her throat. That’s right kids, instead of aquiring and merging I’ve got the scoop this girl is binging and purging.

Fitting in was never so hard, especially if it’s into a Valentino that’s two sizes too small!



Subject: SPOTTED!

BK is taking calls kiddies, so be aware and don’t go over your minutes. You extend his calling plan and the overages just might be billed on a bright pink slip.

Hope your plan has roll-over,



(PP!gg = PayPal Gossip Girl)


Even though I try, I can't let go....


So my mom knows Joe because his dad owns the Golden Corral (I know, I know, so much wrong with that sentence, just roll with me...). Joe does a good job but honestly he's lucky he's as freaking gorgeous as he is (and he is). He's having fun though and he's been at it for only about a year so it's cool that's he being so successful.

Makin' Lincoln proud!


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