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I'm on the Beach!: An Ode to Peaches Jordan

I hope I'm doing this right. I saw it over on Joer's Blog and then went to check out Nathaniel's entry and thought it would be a fun thing to do.

Of course me being me I want to do an Action Heroine of color, and the first person to come to mind (besides Tina Turner) was of course, Storm. Then I realized I was still mad at Halle Berry for effing that up and then I thought maybe Pam Grier? Then I realized I haven't actually seen any of those movies and really didn't care.

So who was a heroine of color that I respected but could also relate to? Who is that woman who if I were in her position I would make many of the same decisions and not end up dead because of them?

Flist and Mousies I present to you:


Aww Peaches...

Portrated by Jada Pinkett-Smith in A Low Down Dirty Shame, Peaches Jordan was my first look into a modern day action heroine of color that had heart and soul. Her flaws were that she loved too much and wore her emotions on her sleeve but she always had the best interests of others in mind. She didn't need to be some super buff, rock hard, ball busting goddess. She was just a woman who liked her stories and watched enough of Kung  Fu: The Legend Continues to know where kicking someone will do the right amount of damage to provide an exit. 

Peaches met Shame -then a bodyguard qua detective- after getting busted stealing CD's when she was 16.  The second she lay eyes on this man she knew she was in love with him but she also knew the time was not right.  She settles on being his best friend, confidant, and cultural attache ("It's pronounced Fremi, with an I").  

She was a rough rider of sorts, a very down chick who knew how to turn the frumpy into fabulous.  She had a thirst for camp that could only be indulged by the fiercest nails, the most over the top fashions, and the most outrageous of friends (Waymon and Bernard are my ideal houseguests; dramatic, caberet, and can burn a sausage).  Sometimes she came off a bit abrasively, but ultimately her heart was always in the right place.

When Shame starts to investigate a case involving missing drug money he becomes embroiled in lies, espionage, murder, and seductions from an old flame.  Peaches sees the path Shame is leading and does her part to hold it down for her man,

"Shame might be soft on you, but I can see through all that Maybelline. And you ain't nothin' but a gold-diggin' skank, tryin' to get a man for all he's worth. You hurt Shame again, you betta watch yo' back!"  Get it girl!  Peaches brought a feisty form of defense and had a tongue almost as wicked at her kick.  

She also rocked it hardcore for the short haired girls that couldn't get Storm's flowing locks or Foxy's slammin' Fro without the help of some Kanekalon. From her we learned that we could entice men not with the flow of our mane, but with the artistry that can only be created with a rattail comb and some $.99 black gel.

Peaches kept it real on the style front. Home girl wasn't rockin' Chanel or Dior, she rocked Keds and knockoffs, but she knew how to do it and make it look fierce. She taught girls that they could lodge they K-Swiss in some dude's crack and still not mess up those home pedicured toes.

She was a round the way girl who was always down for her man and it paid off in the end. She had to endure a lot of crap to get the love she deserved, but she persevered and became a role model to hundreds of black chicks just trying to be super in an ordinary world.  She sweated and made it look good, shot a gun and made it look real, pulled some weave and made it look painful.  Most importantly though, she made it look like you could do it too.

Thank you Peaches, your efforts will always be remembered by me, StickyKeys, a sistah trying to fight one day at a time.

*disclaimer: The views expressed in this article in no way condone any attempts at humor made by one Keenan Ivory Wayans.  The wicked awesomeness of Peaches Jordan should in no way be attributed to Mr. Wayans or be seen as an endorsement of approval.  After In Living Color he should have stopped... well, maybe after Don't Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, and maybe after Scary Movie, and of course this movie.  Hmm, there was a point here.. oh yeah, KIW sucks!  Stop sucking and start being funny KIW! BF

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