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Am I the only one who gets completely thrown off task by Yahoo!'s homepage? I'll have something very important (or extremely arbitrary... mostly arbitrary unless finding Eric Balfour's Angelfire fan page is a matter of national security, and actual, it might be. Anyhow...) to research and go to Yahoo.com and then suddenly those four magical little boxes will completely distract me from my task.

I mean, come on! Who needs Eric Balfour when you have an armless pianist? And I just found a little arrow system near the bottom where you can go to even more of these little mindless stories. And just when you think this time waster can't get any better, each article allows COMMENTING! Now people, we're all familiar with the users of Yahoo! Answers and the cesspool of wildly splendiforous crap they enrich our lives with, but Yahoo! commenters are EVEN CRAZIER!

It's like if you take IMDB commenters and made them breed with every LJ community ever and then sent their kids to the same school where Nigerian Princesses are the bullies. It's a lovely mixture of racism, ageism, inheritance pleas, and Russian mail-order bride requests that stretches my simple 2 minute search into a 3 hr tour of the Bermuda interweb.

Google with its efficiency and easy browsing just can't compare. I know iGoogle tries to customize content, but honestly there's nothing that can compare to the Yahoo! front page. It's simply one of a kind.


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Aug. 18th, 2010 05:38 am (UTC)
NGL, I really hate the comments at yahoo. I used to reply to them but soon realized how much I was wasting my time.

That said, I kind of liked the ugly-dress article. Some of her redesigns weren't too shabby.
Aug. 21st, 2010 07:11 pm (UTC)
the comments on yahoo..oh man especially the racist ones and the ones where people bring up obama in every political issue is so annoying.
i seriously think that site has more trolls than on here lol
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