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My bb's over at ONTD_ai posted Adam Lambert's It Gets Better video which serves as an inspirational video to kids being bullied.

I don't mind the campaign and think it's really nice. If it helps one kid then it's worth it. I just think that as straight people we should additionally have a campaign to help out.

Introducing: If you keep bullying people I will punch you in the throat!

Also known as: You are pathetic for trying to specifically not get along with anyone, and your quest for power through intimidation is desperate and gross or Seriously? You're just going to stand there and let this kid get bullied? I didn't realize you were so weak. That's sad. or Parenting, lol!

Basically this would be a set of videos from people and parents telling little bad butt kids that it's not cool to bully anyone, under any circumstances and if we see this behavior we will not encourage it by looking away or giving a congratulatory wink, we will take action and stop it. That we will teach our kids that in this life you are going to encounter people who are different than you and if you can't handle it then it is you that needs to GTFO, not the other person for being different. That bullying is stupid and only serves to make you look like a jerk. And jerks are not a good look.

Why is this a lesson that we only learn once we get older? Why have some of us still not learned this. I had the benefit of always having several sets of people I knew, so if I got sick of the shenanigans in one group I hung out with another for a while. My schools were always surprisingly diverse so there wasn't really any such thing as the nerds getting beaten by the jocks because that wasn't what mattered. Why are people so scared of change? Of differences? That they'd rather throw violence and hatred at it than try to accept it?

Evidently my mom used to get bullied right after her school got integrated. She came home wiht a torn dress and her mother declared that if she came home with another torn dress that she was going to be the one getting the beating. My mom did come home with a torn dress, but instead of it being from being bullied it was from her defending herself. Her mother nodded and sent her to her room. She was never bullied again and never had another torn dress.

I don't like pushing advice to the person being bullied because it feels like blaming the victim to me, but on the other hand I want these kids to be as prepared as possible to deal with the most stubborn in society. So go ahead and make the videos and continue to support those who have lost their will. And teaching them a nice throat punch couldn't hurt either.


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