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"Come Check Out My NaBloPoMo!"

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Because I'm that good.


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Thanks to av8rmike and s2expressive for layout help!

You're help was invaluable and I can't be more appreciative.</p>

Well I'm a bad butt cowgirl living in the wild midwest wikka wikka scratch yo yo bang bang. Me and Artemis Clyde frog gonna save Salma Hayek from the big bad spider.

Age: 24
Sign: Aries
Race: Black and Proud!
Birthdate: 04-09-1981
Sex: Female
Religion: Christian (COGIC!)
Orientation: Heterosexual (but I have a very horny gay man living inside so it all works out)
Mood: Optimistic with Sarcastic Undertones
Personality: Irrevocably Corny
Weight: Fat
Coolness Factor: Depends on the crowd. Eternal hostess, yet rarely the star.

I am originally from Lincoln, Ne (Home of the HUSKERS!! Whoot!) and while I hate a lot about being Black in Nebraska, or just Nebraska in general. I will always love my Huskers.

"How very sad for you!" you say? Well, it's a Nebraska thing, here you are born two things, an optimistic cynic, and a Husker. It's like a birthmark, or a cult.

Please feel free to take an icon (unless otherwise noted), just be sure to credit me in the comments!


"Sticky : absolutely terrifying, even over the Internet. "


"I'm not quite sure why her keys are so sticky, but I do know that they smell of cinnamon. "


"Reading stickykeys633 is like having sex with chocolate:


"StickyKeys--"Best Use Of Verdana"--you know...the font."


"Sticky rules because she likes Mike Nesmith. :)



"StickyKeys: My Anti-drug"


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Dislikes:14: bisexuals, black guys who date incredibly ugly white girls as a statement/diss, deadbeat dads that won't take care of their kids, feminazis who make sane feminists look bad, girls who make their parents raise their kids, lance armstrong, lice, live strong bracelets, people of the same sex who call you homophobic because you don't want to get with them, people who say "you like to dance/listen to music/go to the movies/ kiss boys/watch porn/hit people/ etc? that's not ve, rudeness, whiny black kids who call themselves oreos and think they're special, white people as a whole, women who hate on other women

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